SecBSD is an OpenBSD powered operating system focussed on offensive security. At the base lies a vanilla OpenBSD release, extended with the tools that hackers use to audit and break security. Our repository contains the official documentation, issue tracker and roadmap. SecBSD Tool list.

Why SecBSD?

We want our toolkit to be the best both on the offensive and defensive aspects. OpenBSD is our preferred platform, with the relentless focus on security, shipping with sane defaults, proper documentation and a thorough and constant auditing process.

Furthermore, SecBSD doesn't use a heavy desktop environment as the default, making the OS lean and mean - the perfect fit for older computers.

How can I trust SecBSD?

We put much effort in a proper security design of the SecBSD project:

Furthermore, despite the effort our team goes through, there is always a certain degree of trust involved. Aside from the operating system, modern processors have a complete subsystem (Intel ME and AMD TrustZone) which are as proprietary and closed as it gets. Furthermore, the UEFI system, component firmware - you probably get the idea. Despite the groundbreaking research by parties like Invisible Things Lab, innovations like Coreboot, there still is a long way to go. Though, as of now, this falls outside the scope of SecBSD. We might revise this in the future.

Who is SecBSD?

The SecBSD core team is:

How can I contact SecBSD?

Through email (derive our addresses from the signatures) or open an issue on our repository


I want to contribute to SecBSD

We welcome any and all effort to help us. Get in touch to discuss any details or contribute in our Gitlab Repositories. Please see our Code of conduct.

How can I donate to SecBSD?

We don't take donations. SecBSD is a starting project, building forth and depending upon the awesome work of the OpenBSD project. This, we kindly ask you to donate to the OpenBSD Foundation instead. That is - indirectly - also a donation to SecBSD but goes a much longer way.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Mischa Peters
OpenBSD Amsterdam
Dirk L.
Dave Winter